Neuropharmacologic and neuroendocrinologic events in cholinergic system (effects of choline and choline derivativies on cholinergic system related to cardiovascular and neuroendocrine functions), brain ischemia and ischemia related events on brain slices (such as release of amino acids and other neurotransmitters, neuronal death, screening of neuroprotecting drugs), Neurobiology of hemorrhage (effect of opioid receptor antagonists on central nervous system during the hemorrhage).

Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Cholinergic regulation of cardiovascular system, cardiovascular effects of cholinergic drugs (such as choline, CDP-choline, THA, physostigmine) in various hypotensive conditions, restoration of blood pressure by PG analogs in hemorrhagic shock conditions, in vivo myocardial ischemia and reperfusion studies.

Pharmacology of Pain and Analgesia
Our research focuses on the understanding of antinociceptive effects and the mechanisms of cholinergic agonists, especially specific nicotinic receptor agonists, such as choline and CDP-choline.

Investigating the role of cholinergic system on schizophrenia and other neurological diseases (effects of a7 nicotinic receptor agonists such as choline and CDP-choline), with a focus on schizophrenia and drug addiction comorbidity, effects of antipsychotic drugs on neurotransmitters and receptor families in schizophrenia and drug addiction.

Drug Addiction
Opioid and nicotine addiction, tolerance, withdrawal, and physical dependence (effects of Gly-Gn on morphine and nicotine addiction, investigating the Gly-Glns mecahanism of action and its relation to the neurotransmitter systems).